Publicatie boek 'Top-down community building and the politics of inclusion' _ Fenneke Wekker

publicatie: 25-07-2017

Fenneke's boek Top down community building and the politics of inclusion is in juni 2017 gepubliceerd door de gerenommeerde internationale uitgever Palgrave MacMillan.


In januari vindt de officiele boekpresentatie plaats in Spui 25, in samenwerking met de Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR).

kunt het boek hier kopen.



This book explores mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion involved in practices of community building through an ethnographic study of a neighborhood restaurant in Amsterdam. It presents important insights into the advantages and empowering effects of professional, top down community building in a disadvantaged neighborhood, as well as its tensions and contradictory outcomes. 


  • "Speaks to both social scientists, as well as social workers, governments and policy makers concerned with issues of professional community building in disadvantaged urban settings. 
  • Raises awareness for implicit forms of discrimination and racism unintentionally made a part of informal network formation in heterogeneous urban settings. 
  • Contributes to larger scholarly debates on (institutionalized) mechanisms of in- and exclusion, social solidarity, social capital and the (re)production of moral boundaries along lines of class, race and ethnicity" (
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