As an independent researcher, writer and consultant, I am concerned with the connecting factors between people, groups and individuals and, perhaps more importantly, why that connection is often so difficult to achieve.

Through social scientific research, popular science writing, documentary theater and non-fiction, I want to contribute to a world in which difference is allowed to exist, mutual respect and compassion are basic conditions for knowledge gathering and communication, and in which blind spots are made visible.

In addition to my research projects and writing work, I offer creative writing courses for academics who want to reach a wider audience with their research, or/and find their own voice within mainstream academic jargon.

I also serve as a senior sparring partner and sounding board for executives of cultural & social organizations, policy makers, and research institutions.

See you in one of the above capacities!




Areas of expertise
Feeling at home/Belonging | Inclusiveness | Social dynamics in urban areas | (Un)intended social effects of government policies | The impact of (historically grown) power structures and dynamics in contemporary life | Systematic inclusion and exclusion mechanisms |

C V Fenneke Wekker 2023 English
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